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Csaba Bogádi


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Csaba Bogádi (1985) is a Hungarian born visual storyteller, currently based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

He is working as a freelance visual content producer under the name Lonely Film.

He believes that the language of images is universal therefore he is combining his rich theoretical background (PPKE-BTK, HU) with the practice of creating images (KABK, NL) every time he is working on a project.

Lonely Film is passionate about documentary films. For his directorial debut he collaborated with Speak Easy Project. Together they created the first successful Kickstarter campaign for a Hungarian short documentary film.

Next to producing its own content he made visuals for clients such as:

de Brakke Grond, The Embassy of Hungary in the Netherlands, Strange Sounds From Beyond, Mothers in Arts, Gemeente Den Haag, Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag, PIP Den Haag, Bijbels Museum Amsterdam.


Lonely Film is open for inspiring collaborations and is available for assignments worldwide.




Women CineMakers, Special Edition

Interview starts at pg. 28 with Csilla Klenyánszki, the co-producer of the film. - Hungary’s biggest online news site

Mi a nutellás lángos nemzedéke vagyunk

Boldogok a magyarok, mert övék Hollandia

A hollandiai magyarokat nem a pénz boldogítja

Hungarikummal Hollandiába, holland sütivel haza


TRAFÓ - House of contemporary arts. Budapest, Hungary

Speak Easy Project: MENJEK/MARADJAK

Akkor hiányzik, amikor hazajövök

Szevasz tavasz, szevasz terasz!


HVG - Hungary’s leading political/economical weekly magazine’s website

Hollandiában, ahol már bő 11 ezer magyar él, nem csak a pénz boldogít

Akkor hiányzik csak Budapest, ha itthon vagyok

Menjek/Maradjak – a holland meló


MAGYAR.FILM.HU - Hungary’s professional film site

Magyarként hollandok


KORMANY.HU- website of the Hungarian Government

Zajos tetszést arattak a magyar zenekarok a hollandiai Eurosonic fesztiválon



Embassy of Hungary In The Hague Presents Documentary About The 1956 Commemoration Season In The Netherlands



The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 – 60 years later


MAGYAR TUDOMÁNYOS AKADÉMIA - Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Menjek vagy maradjak? A kivándorlással foglalkozott az Akadémia filmklubja

Photos of the event


FORMS Festival Berlin



Hágai turnénapló






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